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In this tutorial I am going to show you a way to run Bryce on a Mac while using the newest Mac Os available. At the time of writing this would be Mac OS X 10.11.3 "El Captain". As you probably know Bryce requires Rosetta to run, and after Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) this is no longer available. So does this mean the end of Bryce on a Mac with a newer OS version. Strictly speaking, yes it does. However there are some options that will allow you to still run Bryce on a Mac while using a newer OS version for your other activities.

One option would be to have a separate disk with a bootable version of Snow Leopard and install Bryce here. Boot from this disk and you are good to go. Unfortunately if you are so lucky to have one of the newest Mac's, this is no option for you. The newest Mac's (I think this started with Mac's with a retina screen) will not boot under Snow Leopard. Not even if you use a virtual instance, and no, it will also not boot from Snow Leopard Server. No booting in Snow Leopard for the newest Mac's PERIOD.

If your mac is not the newest version and you can still boot in Snow Leopard, but you do not want to use a separate disk, then you can use a virtual instance. I used Virtual Box myself for this purpose. The big advantage of this method is that you can use Daz Install Manager to manage all downloads on your everyday version OS, Install Snow Leopard on Virtual Box, Use your network to create a mount point to your Daz Install Manager folder and one to your Bryce folder and you are done. No Need to install anything on your virtual OS. You can run Bryce from the installation on your everyday OS, even though you can't actually run it in there.

Now, in my personal situation even this was not possible. My old Mac finally gave up after about a year or ten, so I had to buy a new one. Since I really like Bryce a lot, and heard about issues with new Mac's and Snow Leopard I decided to do some research. Without going into detail, the outcome of this was, that for me with my brand new Mac with Retina screen, the only option was to run Bryce in a virtual Windows instance. I can't say that I like running Windows on my Mac, but it is the only way for me to keep on running Bryce. So here is what I did:

I used Daz Install Manager to download and install Bryce (as well as other software and almost all 3D models from Daz) on my new Mac, runing Mac Os X 10.11.3 "El Captain", and I use Daz Studio, Hexagon and Carrara here. In order to be able to run Bryce as well I installed Virtual Box from Oracle (this is free software) and then installed a 64 bit version of Windows 7 in Virtual Box. For this I used a 50 GB virtual Disk and 4096 MB memory. I set up 4 shared folders so I can access my 3D pictures on my Mac, my Daz Install Manager folder where all my 3D model are, my Bryce folder, and a Windows Download folder where I put my windows downloads. I use my virtual windows system only to run Bryce and update windows itself. No browsing or emailing or anything. Then I downloaded a windows version of Bryce on my Mac and and installed Bryce in my virtual windows box. Now all that is left to do if stucturing the Bryce content folders.

Horo Wernli wrote a very nice article about setting up Bryce folders Bryce Content V4 (PDF) wich I used to figure out how to organise my Bryce content folders. To keep things as simple as possible I decided to do the organizing on my Mac folders and then copy all content folders to my Bryce installation on Windows. In the Bryce root folder all content is now in the following folders: Content; Presets; ReadMe's.

ReadMe's only contains readme files of products you have installed. You can keep these on your Mac and don't need to copy them over to your windows disk.

Presets is the most important folder. It contains all the products that Bryce expects to be in this particular location so you can use them in de program. It contains the following subfolders: Brushes (.brp files; Leaves; Materials; Objects; Skies; Textures; Trees; Treeshapes. These are all the subfolders that should be there. Bryce relies on them and gets their content from these specific locations. There can be other subfolders as well, but these can also be placed elsewhere. I chose to place all other content in subfolders in the Content folder (see below).


2016-06-21, to be continued

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